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Exhibition information

Our company is committed to the product research and development and study how to
use eco-friendly materials. In the meantime, we actively participate in various international
product development competitions. We are glad to be recognized by the international juries. 
With all these awards, we believe we can provide the customers with more reliable and
advanced products.

International recognition

​Internal material development and inspection

We have a professional R&D and biological inspection team. If you have the idea of developing a product, you can entrust us to achieve any product you expect

R&D items

Our R&D laboratory provides professional equipment and advanced technology, and can develop your own formula according to your needs

​Design plan

We provide the most popular ingredients for skin care products for you to choose and use, and we also provide a professional team that can help you plan a suitable product route


We have a GMP-level production department and various ISO certifications, and the production environment is free from staining. You can trust us for OEM or production.

​Cosmetic OEM/ODM consistent manufacturing process foundry

One-Step Service From ZERO to EVERYTHING!

Our company has a truly consistent cosmetics foundry service from start to finish, which is different from the foundry factory, which is known as a consistent manufacturing process, which only has the service of foundry filling. Whether it is a dust-free factory or automated production, we The company's production equipment is fully constructed, and there will be no outsourcing of the second contract, and the cost will be transferred to the client.

Product Positioning->Internal Material R&D->Biological Inspection and Stability Test->Bottler Selection->Packaging Design->Manufacturing->Quality Inspection->Shipment everywhere

The consistent manufacturing process from start to finish, we ensure quality at every level. Only by choosing all processes to be produced by the same company can we ensure that the quality can be seamlessly integrated, and the client cost can be greatly reduced, and the division of responsibility for multiple manufacturers can also be reduced. Unclear and other issues.

Of course, if you only need one of the foundry services, we can also meet your needs. If you have any questions, you are welcome to call for inquiries.