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Understand customer needs (features, company image, sales channels, and order quantity).

​02       Diverse packaging option

Bottlemate possesses the latest automated machines and advanced equipment. We provide diverse packaging options for our customers.

​03      Customization service

According to customers’ needs, with years of professional experiences, providing suggestions and complete customized programsto create every unique satisfaction


04   Formula R&D and manufacturing


Our professional R&D team designs unique formulas and makes adjustments based on customer feedback. We keep watch on every single step and ensure we supply high quality products to our customers.

​05       Filling and packaging OEM

OEM services in various types of products.

​06        Quality control

We strictly monitor each production process to ensure the safety of our products.

Our Persistence


Quality & efficient

High-tech automatedmanufacturing

All products are mixed, filled, capped, labeled, coded and wrapped under scrupulous quality control procedures and standards.

Bringing in the most advanced automated production equipment, which greatlyreduces human negligence.

It enables us to comply with international standards and allowus to effectively supply world-class quality products.

Innovation & Service

Create Your Own Products

We produce exclusive products to meet clients’ requirements.

We have many exclusive decorations for our products.

On accessories, we can produce exclusively corporate logo or desired pattern for clients.

Customers are able to choose the way they want in finishing processing to highlight corporate image.


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